Allergy Friendly Plum Puddings

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50ml Brandy Custard Sauce (Gluten Free)

Brandy Custard Sauce

140ml Brandy Custard Sauce (Gluten Free)

Out of stock
Red Festive Fabric

200g Gluten Free Plum Pudding

200g Vegan Pudding

200g Vegan Plum Pudding

$14.95 (Inc GST)
Calico Colour Fabric

375g Gluten Free Plum Pudding

500g Alcohol Free Pudding

500g Alcohol Free Plum Pudding

$27.25 (Inc GST)
500g White Festive

500g Gluten Free Plum Pudding

4X125 Gf

4 x 125g Individual Gluten Free Plum Puddings

$32.25 (Inc GST)
Kraft Box with Green Ribbon

500g Vegan Plum Pudding

$35.20 (Inc GST)
Vegan Gluten Free 500

500g Vegan & Gluten Free Plum Pudding

$38.50 (Inc GST)
Kraft Box with Red Ribbon

6 x 125g Individual Gluten Free Plum Puddings

$46.50 (Inc GST)
1Kg Black Fabric

1kg Gluten Free Plum Pudding

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1kg Gluten Free Pudding in a Stone Basin

$66.30 (Inc GST)